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Dry January...A Fresh Start

It is a thing...The mocktail, spiritfree cocktail, sans alcoholic beverage. It is a thing because we are all needing a speed bump occasionally, or permanently. For some it is about clarity of mind, health, and detox. For others, a lifestyle of choice. Let's face it, we have a LOT of choice when it comes to alcohol, and for some, non-alcoholic highs. There are more choices daily. The speed bump is a way to relax, slow down, and realize FLAVOR comes in all sizes and shapes. JOY comes with choice and control. HEALTH comes with making wise decisions. 

In January 2020, Top Note is officially celebrating the #spiritfree cocktail movement. We are posting new recipes daily, and will provide NON ALCOHOLIC versions of all of our coveted recipes as we post new ones through the year. We support the choices we all have, and wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe New Year!


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