Introducing Cascara Cola

Introducing Cascara Cola by Mary Pellettieri


We are so thrilled to bring you our newest grand dame of mixers, Top Note Tonic's Cascara Cola.

First we used a unique ingredient, Cascara, the red fruit of the coffee plant, to differentiate our Cola as a tasty and functional mixer. Cascara is an amazing fruit, loaded with potassium, fiber and antioxidants, that many times gets wasted. But waste not! Re-purposed Cascara has found its way to the market in a dried form. We sourced our Cascara from our friends in Austin Texas that also provide us with our Organic Green Coffee Caffiene source for this Cola.

We paired these two amazing ingredients with our Cola flavor, made with rich cinnamon, orange peels, and lime, to create a sumptuous treat - ready to serve on it's own, or mix with the best bourbons, fernets, rums without shame. Why hide delicious flavors, let them come together in our Cascara Cola.

If you want to read more about Cascara, see this Vinepair article we loved. If you want to try our Cascara Cola, please email us at

And we will get you a sample of the concentrated syrup asap! 



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