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It's MAY... and it is time to Have a Party!

Top Note recognizes the challenging time we are in. Stay healthy, maintain a safe distance from others, yet we all crave social engagements. We are encouraged of the "safe distance" cocktail parties we see popping up in our neighborhood. Staying outside is best, keeping it intimate to less than 10 people, but start to socialize again!

Our mixers are perfect for this occasion. WHY?

First, every bottle has two perfect cocktails per serving. You can set these out, and let everyone enjoy their own bottle.

Second, we now have made this simple, with a NEW COCKTAIL PARTY in a BOX selection. Our 4 most classic mixers, 2 with Gold medals pinned to their chest. It has never been easier to have a party. 

To execute this, it is easiest to have everyone bring their own cups and selection of liquor. If that is not possible, we recommend having hand sanitizer at a table, a cooled selection of Top Note, ice/cups that are self serving and safe (no hands in that ice please) and place your spirits selection with pour spouts out to make it easiest. Ask folks to sanitize their hands before serving themselves a drink, and after....But then have fun. We will have to feel safe to really start living again. We can do this together with minor adjustments in how we choose to live. It won't be forever that we have to make these adjustments. We can stay strong and safe and social. Live now, and Cheers!


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