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Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, founders have drawn upon their collective experiences, to start a company that will change the way people think about- and enjoy-  mixers.

In 2014, while researching different ways to bitter beer,the complex variety of herbs used in Amaro, Vermouth, and bitter wines from Europe intrigued Mary. She stumbled upon the origins of soft drinks, when a ‘tonic’ was a bitter botanical drink made by pharmacists for health and vigor.

Mary and Noah began experimentation in the commercial kitchen they built, with syrups and whole herbs. They began pouring through old recipes for tinctures. The formulated the craft syrups still available on our website, including a unique Bitter Orange syrup, that has warm spice, and bitter orange peel (a great old fashioned base). 

From there we formulated our award winning Indian Tonic Water, and Bitter Lemon with gentian extract and natural quinine extract, and added a third flavor Ginger Beer, with their twist of date sugar. A sofi award from the Specialty Food Association in 2017 for Indian Tonic Water put a stamp of approval on Top Note as the American craft mixer of choice, and the portfolio to beat on flavor. In 2019 they added an all quinine tonic, Classic Tonic, and Grapefruit Soda as a sour in their line up. 

The founders look forward to adding to the world of mixers with more innovative and high quality products in the future. Keeping a craft brewer's mentality, and a twist on tradition, with respectful use of sugar, we plan to continue to wow the world of mixers.


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