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Non Alcoholic Spritz Cocktail Kit

Product image 1Non Alcoholic Spritz Cocktail Kit
Product image 2Non Alcoholic Spritz Cocktail Kit
Product image 3Non Alcoholic Spritz Cocktail Kit
Product image 4Non Alcoholic Spritz Cocktail Kit
Product image 5Non Alcoholic Spritz Cocktail Kit

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A delicious pairing of exclusive, alcohol free choices with all natural Top Note Tonic specialty mixers, Biobacche Organic Tuscan Juices, and Zera Organic French Rose Non Alcoholic wine. This package would normally retail to you for $60 with shipping costs. But we worked out a specail discount with our warehouse partners Allocated Specialties to get this to you for a lot less!

We made this kit for the bubbly celebrations that you may want to opt to keep alcohol free like baby showers, book clubs, or a Sunday brunch get together with friends.

We included 2 bottles Top Note Gentiana, our naturally bitter tonic to replace the bitter liqueur in the spritz. A second inclusion is 2 bottles of our date laced Ginger Beer for a special "winter" spritz. Both of these Top Note selections are excellent digestivos on their own, which is why they are perfect for the spritz . (The SRP for this mixed 4 pack of Top Note is 9.99/4pack.) 

Also included is the Zera Rose,  a French organic, sparkling, alcohol-free wine, made from the must of Chardonny and Cabernet grapes. This is a 25 oz bottle that will serve up to 6 spritz cocktails.  (The SRP for Zera is normally $22/btl.)

The Biobacche juices are exclusively offered to us from our friends at Allocated Specialities Importers from Milwaukee. These delectable nectar-like, all organic juices are cleverly made with multiple juices from Tuscany, Italy. On their own, or with club soda, they make fantastic drinks. These juices are so concentrated with flavor one bottle makes 6 drinks.  (The SRP for these juices is normally 8.99/btl!)

This kit makes up to 6 Spritz cocktails, but has enough ingredients for more cocktails once the Zera runs out. We will provide recipes for two different spritz cocktails;


Peach Bellini

1.5 oz Top Note Gentiana 

1.5 oz Biobacche Peach Juice

4 oz Zera Rose

Orange Wheel Garnish 


Ginger Rose

1 oz Top Note Ginger Beer

1 oz Biobacche Red Currant Juice

3 oz Zera Rose

Lemon Garnish

Recipe cards and an informative flyer will be in each box to learn more about our partner brands.



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