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5 Cocktail Recipes for the Holiday - Simple recipes to nail the occasion

Preparing for holidays is exhausting. Especially this year with the pandemic driving smaller gatherings, yet the planning, preparation is still the same. So why not make a special cocktail for this year. At Top Note, we think about this a lot. This year was no exception. We have curated our top 5 here.

What makes a Holiday Cocktail Great?

The process of preparing, cleaning, shopping puts enough strain on the host or hostess, so a holiday cocktail should be simple, fast, yet elegant. A nicely thought out garnish helps. Festive, personal and thoughtful, this cocktail should help everyone settle in.

Wonderful Times

This one we posted with cranberry and rosemary garnish, two items many folks have on hand for the holidays. If you don't have simple syrup around, just buy sweetened cranberry juice!

The Gin Sonic

Equally delicious in winter as summer, the benefit here is this is a light cocktail, refreshing, and gets the palate ready for eating. The combination of soda and tonic makes for a very light tasting treat. We used special layering of lime wheels in this photo - easy to do, just build ice/lime/wheel/ice. Makes a great looking cocktail! W featured Japanese Gin here because this drink originates from Japan.

Spiced G&T

Another use of a spiced liquor anyone can make is on the G&T or V&T. We recommended cardamom, but pears, apples and even pomegranate can be used. Just soak for a day and strain.

Whiskey or Rum Tonic

The sage makes this unique and delicious. Rum may also be used. Anything barrel aged with tonic almost can taste like a cola, that is because of the vanilla and lime flavors mashing it up. Trust us, this is delicious.

Glasgow Mule

A clear winning in the smoky category, this scotch ginger combination is a riff on the Mule and makes a great cocktail before or after dinner!

All these recipes and more are available at Top Note's website! Check it our here.

We wish everyone a happy, safe, and relaxing holiday season. Cheers!

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