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Holiday Cocktails

Preparing for the holidays can be exhausting, so why not reward yourself with a special cocktail for all your hard work?

Wonderful Times

A cranberry and rosemary garnish puts the finishing touches on this spiced vodka cocktail. To make it even simpler, skip the simple syrup and use pre-sweetened cranberry juice!

Gin Sonic

Equally delicious in winter as in summer, this simple recipe combines Club Soda No. 1 and Classic Tonic Water with Japanese Gin for a light and refreshing treat.

Spiced Vodka Tonic

Infusing spirits is a fun and easy way to elevate your cocktails. This time of year, we gravitate towards warming spices to add a cozy depth to our at-home happy hours. Play around with what you have on hand (cinnamon sticks, whole allspice, juniper berries, etc.) to create your ideal spirit-spicing mix.

Rum & Tonic

When mixed with tonic, the vanilla and citrus notes in barrel-aged spirits like rum take on an almost cola-like quality. Check out our mixing suggestions to find the one that you'll like best.

Glasgow Mule

For fans of smoky cocktails, this Mule variation combines scotch and ginger for a drink that's perfect for before or after dinner.

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