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If you are making cocktails or drinks at home, you seek craftmanship. Like the spirit you mix with, your mixer should be intentional with the application of sugar, show a mastery of flavor, and have a virtuosity of use. In other words, your mixer brand should be creative, like you.

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Top Note makes clever refreshment. With just a twist of the cap, you unlock the whoosh of carbonation, the aromas of a culinary mind, and the flavors of the ingenious. We did the hard work so you uncap discovery in every drink you make. You will make complex, not complicated drinks, and your friends, family, loved ones, and maybe your own brain, will marvel.

How Top Note is Different

Spending a little extra on mixers means you are looking for something more. Here is how we are different from the other brands you may see....

Not Just Quinine

Top Note mixers are more than just fancy quinine water and flavor, or more than just a slick sweetener added, like some other brands you find. We craft with botany and unique bitters.

We build every flavor from scratch in our own innovation kitchen.

Starting with herbs, spices, botanicals, citrus peels, roots, we cull the archives of beverages and tinctures to create unique spins on the traditional. We don't need loads of sodium and corn sugar to cover our flavors, like the generic store bought brands, we let them shine.


Our unique spin on tradition is why more and more Michelin star restaurants, chefs and bartenders are discovering the real craft is here, in Top Note's soft drinks and mixers. Not to mention, our average 5 star reviews seal that stamp of approval.

Guaranteed Perfect Cocktails

Making creative drinks with the commodity mixers on the shelf is a struggle. We know, we have tried it!

At Top Note Tonic, we realized that the subtle beauty of the great spirits we were buying was getting lost in the sugar in the mixer. So we set our sights on making award-winning, balanced mixers that complement our cocktails or mocktails, but can also be consumed as-is. Since 2017, Top Note has made a name for itself as producers of quality sparkling mixers and champions of mixologists and home bartenders alike.

With our focus on natural ingredients and balanced flavors we're confident that our mixers will help you discover the creative in you. If not, we'll refund you!

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