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So you can make fabulous drinks!

Only 5% of the mixers found in grocery stores match the quality of the craft spirits sold today.

No wonder why it can be hard to make a great cocktail.

Thirsty for better?

Waste no more....with Top NOte

If you fret about making a a cocktail or a drink at home, afraid to waste high quality liquor or expensive juices and bitters, you are not alone. With Top Note's mixers on your bar, you can be assured your simply made cocktails or mocktails will also be balanced, flavorful, and your creativity will shine.

Ready to discover your inner bartender?

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Waste no more. TOP NOTE MIXERS MAKE GREAT COCKTAILS because of what we put in them.... and leave out

Our mixers are made with balance, integrity and care.

We Love The Sparkle!

Real Ingredients

Lower in Sugar



100% USA made in 2021

No more waste - Resealable Cap

Get 2 cocktails in a bottle, and if not, use the resealable cap to save for next time.

NO preservatives, Low or No Sodium

We make our mixers with clean ingredients, and preserve them naturally.

Guaranteed Perfect Cocktails

We too struggled with making a great cocktail, until we realized the mixer is what matters. We set our sights on making award winning, balanced mixers for our customers. We have won more awards in our short time than any other premium mixer company, and we are not done, including recently, Best Craft Tonic.

Because we focused on quality, we know you too will discover your inner bartender with our products. If not, we will refund you!



Need help Choosing what to buy?

1. Determine your favorite cocktail or spirits you like to drink.

2. Click on the images below that match for a direct link to best products.

3. Buy and Mix! Simple 2 part cocktails, or view recipes for more ideas.

4. If you are still not sure, choose a collection.


Available now through Dry January! A unique gift for those that want a change-up.

New NON alcoholic cocktail kits

Not everyone has the need, want or desire to mix a cocktail. A mocktail is a fun occasional drink for some, and others a way of life. Show those who choose sober curious lifestyle you get it! These are curated boxes with drinking vinegars and special maples syrups that mix wonderfully with Top Note. For those who are ready for this change of Lifestyle, we are here!

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Top Tips for Making Zero-Proof Drinks For The Home Mixologist

Non alcoholic mocktail recipes and tips

Celebrating doesn't have to mean over indulging.

All it takes is asking yourself whether you actually want that pint

More than a Spritz: How to Use Sparkling Wine or Champagne in a Cocktail

Top Note breaks down the essential elements to making a great sparkling cocktail with wine.

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