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Where were you when you had your first, really good cocktail? Were you sitting at the bar, watching a mystical mix of ingredients go into a shaker and come out as a froth? Perhaps it was when your bestie, who was always a bit more worldly and wise than most, handed you a glass and said, "try this." Or it may have happened when the waitstaff suggested a drink to start the evening and you said yes. Whatever your a-ha moment, recapturing it can be as easy as balancing the right liquor with its perfect partner.

Top Note Tonic has taken the work out of discovering that balance, that perfect drink. Have that eureka moment at home, share with a friend, share it with us! 

If you have one with Top Note in hand, please share and tag #topnotetonic 

Let's see what we can drum up together!


We believe you too can discover your clever with Top Note. If not, we will refund you. Check out what some superans are saying;

5 STARS - Amazon Buyer

"I much preferred the taste of this product to so many out there, and the fact that it's made in the USA is a very welcome fact!"

5 STARS - Amazon Buyer

"Great citrus flavors along with grapefruit and lime great for a quality Gin and Tonic."

Thumbs Up - Facebook Fan

"Awesome TopNote cocktail in MKE! Also love the grapefruit tonic!!"

Our new Club Soda is causng a stir with fans.....


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The moment you discovered cocktails....Eureka moments

Eureka cocktail moment withe Top Note Tonic Water and Ginger Beer

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