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All the flavor and a lot less sugar.

Top Note does soft drinks? Then you know it has got to be good. Our 2 flavors are a hit! Cascara Cola, and Lemon-Limeade.

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Recognized Internationally as "the best"

Our 6 different flavors have been awarded every year since our start. Most recently, DOUBLE GOLD, two times, for our Classic Tonic Water.

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The most Iconic tonic?

Just this year, our Classic Tonic water has double golded in two major competitions, including the most challenging San Francisco Tasting Alliance show. These awards just add to the cache of medals already won for this one. The folks that are in the know, love this tonic. Read about this amazing feat and be iconic - add Top Note's Classic Tonic to your cart today.

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Why Top Note?

We know you have a choice in the matter. So why choose American -made Top Note? Here are a few reasons .....

Scratch Built

Starting with herbs, spices, botanicals, citrus peels, roots, we cull the archives of beverages and tinctures and create unique spins on the traditional.

30% less sugar

We have 30% less sugar than the competition per drink. Instead of hiding in a valley of sweet, we double up on flavor. That formula has allowed us to rack in the awards without compromise; preservative free, GMO free, Vegan and ingredients you can read, understand, enjoy.

Two drinks per bottle

Double up on servings

No reason to waste. Top Note gives you the American size bottle with two highball drinks in each. Along with our resealable crown you can save more, play more, share more.

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