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Our Best Mixer Packs

We mixed it up for you. Now choose from several mixed packs that give you a unique selection of flavors in each.

The Party Pack gives you the basics; classic tonic water for any G&T or V&T fan, Club Soda for the true cocktail genius in the house, Grapefruit soda for the kids or those kids at heart adults in your life who drink Tequila (Paloma anyone?), and Ginger Beer to get spicy and make any mule on the planet.

The Tonic Fan Pack gives those who love tonic a selection; Indian Tonic water, for unusual G&Ts, Bitter Lemon for extra lift, Classic Tonic, to bring it back to good ole USA, and the Club Soda to mix and match if you make a Sonic (Soda Tonic 50/50).

The Ultimate Tonic Pack amps it up with one unique inclusion; Our Gentiana, 2021's Bartender Release, & New York Times Mentioned , replaces the Club Soda in this pack for the ultimate bitter fan's delight.

Juice Mixer Packs - These are special juices from Tuscany taht happen to make great cocktails and mocktails with Top Note products. Exclusively here, and limited time only.

All pricing includes shipping!

We strive to ship the day you order, so you will receive your items as swiftly as feasible. 

We use a 100% paperboard package, no plastics, no peanuts. 100% recyclable, and as minimum weight as possible. 

Be thrifty and sustainable. Double your order (order 2 items, any mix or match will do), and you save $5! Include the code DOUBLEUP5 for $5 off any two 16 packs you order.


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