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Details on the Ice and Alchemy Virtual cocktail classes we give away as part of subscription purchase.

The Martini; A classic that gets better with time.

Steal the show at your next virtual happy hour with one of these five homemade “quarantinis.”

3 Unique Ways to Use Tonic Water This Fall

Everyone loves the classic high-ball cocktail that is the gin and tonic. It’s simple, easy to drink, and has a slight...

What is Hard Seltzer and why the fuss?

This month we explore the topic of the one product that has taken the brewing world, and cocktail world by storm....

How to Make a Spanish G&T

 We talked to Silvia Dorninger, a bartender at the famed Crepes Al Born, one of the most popular nightlife bars in Ba...

The moment you discovered cocktails....Eureka moments

Eureka cocktail moment withe Top Note Tonic Water and Ginger Beer

Summer tonic water recipes - unique spins on classics

Follow any recipe on World Gin Day, June 13, and you'll see Tonic Water is the major component of cocktails featuring...

What is tonic water?

What is tonic water? Another good question as part of our FAQ series...Let's get to this. Tonic water is a slightly b...

What is Club Soda?

We thought it was time to answer some standard questions we see out there regarding mixers. Much of this information ...

It's MAY... and it is time to Have a Party!

Top Note recognizes the challenging time we are in. Stay healthy, maintain a safe distance from others, yet we all cr...

Tonic is having a moment

Tonic was one of the earliest "medicines" incorporated into an alcoholic drink. The tonic tinctures issued to the Bri...
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