Top Note Tonic News

Our First Can Run in Costco!

We are so proud to announce Top Note is available for a short time in CANS at COSTCO, Wisconsin, Minneapolis and Chic...

Top Note Ingredients

INGREDIENTS At Top Note Tonics, we know the true source of flavor comes from nature. Using only all natural ingredien...

20 Excellent Booze Free Beverages in Chicago - Eater Chicago

We loved being featured at Bar Kumiko. Great and growing list of the best!

"A Better Tonic" by M Muckian, Isthmus Madison

Starting next month, Top Note will be producing and, for the first time, canning all of its flavors at Octopi Brewing...

The BEST Ginger Beers

We LOVED this list not only because Top Note was called out, but they nailed the differences there are in Ginger Beer...

3 Unique Ways to Use Tonic Water

Everyone loves the classic high-ball cocktail that is the gin and tonic. It’s simple, easy to drink, and has a slight...

The Spanish G&T: The secret is choosing a tonic that’s like a hug

 We talked to Silvia Dorninger, a bartender at the famed Crepes Al Born, one of the most popular nightlife bars in Ba...

Imbibe 75

Our Founder Mary Pellettieri was featured this year in an elite class of beverage professionals, recognized by Imbibe...

The skinny on the sweet – Why sugar is added to cocktails and what to watch for

The Cocktail: You order one, you hear the bartender shake, watch them stir and pour, strain and tipple some magic int...

Seeking the Top Notes - Edible Milwaukee Summer 2018

Edible Milwaukee author Jeanette Hurt spent some time making cocktails in our innovation kitchen recently. See what s...

The Hungry Hound

The Hungry Hound mixed it up in Chicago with the master barmen at the Soho House recently. Click here to watch.

The Classic High Ball

A high ball or “tall” drink was a simple cocktail made with about 3-parts sparkling mixer and blended with 1-part sp...
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FIND US in More Locations!

Find Top Note in these fine establishments and at all FRESH THYME Farmers Markets and WHOLE FOODS Markets across the Midwest. Also COSTCO in Wisconsin, Chicago, and Minneapolis this Holiday!

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