Have a Bar-B-Q? Easy to make drinks to keep it fun

Not everyone wants a beer....but a cocktail, that sounds tasty. With the outdoor cooking season, there is a refined palate that may need a bit more than just a fizzy malt beverage to swig the food down with. These are our favorite recipes for Bar-B-Q, or outdoor dining success. We selected these for their ease, fun and great pairing to the smoky grill flavors. We recommend the 3 classic "highballs" to make with a simple set up. And when you make your own vs buying a pre-made ready to drink cocktail, you control the alcohol. So let's get started.

Gin Sonic

 Enter: the Gin Sonic. Nope, not a typo. It’s what you get when you mix Japanese Roku Gin with equal parts tonic water and club soda. We love the simple elegance and balance of this cocktail and we’re betting you will, too.


Mezcal Paloma

This might be our favorite way to drink mezcal! Its smokiness can be overbearing in some recipes, but its bold edges are smoothed out and complemented by the sweet, spicy, sour and salty flavors in this delicious Paloma riff.


Blueberry Mule

 A riff on the classic, there is something about the bright fruit of blueberry, ginger and then the herbal notes of basil that makes this work. Try this at your next get-together for a real treat.






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