Lemon Limeade - A perfect blend of sweet and sour

It just has to be made with whole ingredients. At least that is what Top Note thought when we approached this classic mixer. Lemon juice, check....Lime Juice, check....a sprinkle of sugar, monkfruit, and citric acid, and a little punch of pure botanical extracts, check again. We made this as simple as it should be. No, it isn't "clear" white soda. It has juice in it. It tastes like what you want a lemon lime to taste like. Tart, sweet, refreshing. The best part, less calories to play with. Keep it light, refreshing and amazing.

Our Lemon-Lime is a great mixer, or stand-alone soft drink. 

Here are our favorite ways to mix in some sour to your day;

Pick-me-up - Lunch time is the right time for Lemon-Lime. We know you don't want the calories! But a nice quenching drink will do. At only 60 calories, you won't miss a beat. Take with you on the beach, or after mowing that lawn too....anywhere a sweet lemonade was, Top Note is now.

Sour mix anyone? - Oh heck no. Have you had one? It is a citric acid monster. Best to use a Top Note and be happy, sublime, chill. Vodka Sour, Whiskey Sour, anything Sour, you will like how Lemon-Lime plays.

Lemon-Lime Shrub - Ok, sounds weird, but promise this works as an NA "Sour" drink replacement. We tried our Lemon-Lime with Siren Shrubs Basil and we couldn't believe the wonderfulness. Check out the recipe here. 

1/2 oz Siren Shrub Basil

4 oz Top Note Lemon Lime Soda

Basil leaf garnish

Mix these together gently to disperse the shrub syrup and enjoy with basil as a garnish!





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