Mules & Spirit-Frees

Almost deceptively simple, the Mule cocktail formula consists of just three ingredients: booze, lime and Ginger Beer. The Mule you may already be familiar with is the Moscow Mule (you know, the one with vodka that’s served in that very cool-looking copper mug) but there are plenty of fun variations ranging from simple liquor swaps to full-on re-imaginations.

Mules With Booze

Kentucky Mule

Bolder than a Moscow Mule and with a bigger kick than a Whiskey Ginger, this simple cocktail holds nothing back in the flavor department.

Glasgow Mule

The Glasgow Mule is a smoky and floral spin on the more ubiquitous Moscow Mule. Both recipes are built on a foundation of spirit, citrus and Ginger Beer, but the Glasgow Mule features the addition of sweet, fragrant Elderflower Liqueur and spiced Angostura Bitters for a more complex drinking experience.

Moscow Mule

We couldn’t write a blog about Mules without including the classic, now could we?

Spirit-Free Mules

Espresso Mule

Who says Mule mugs are reserved solely for vodka? Kick back with this simple, caffeinated twist on the classic!

Stormy Weather

In this spirit-free take on the classic Dark ‘n Stormy (a rum-based Mule), espresso tags in for a deep and spicy brew that’s sure to tickle your tropical itch.

Spirit-Free Ginger-Apple Mule

Cider season is coming up fast - celebrate with this cozy spirit-free Mule!

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