The Top 10 Instagram Influencers to Follow for Alcohol Free Inspiration

These folks are the best around to keep you on your level.

Some of us only explore the #soberlife when we are nudged. Be it dry January or Sober October, these times of year may be inspirations to find some inspiration. We did some homework for you to get you started. These bloggers, Instagram influencers and store/bar owners are leading the way and paving a new path for those who want to drink like adults, but stay level.

1) The leader of the pack - Setting out to do something ambitious....@Sans_bar community Austin, Tx

@Sans_Bar stands out as one of the early adopters that an entire bar concept can be catering to the sober or dry drink fans. Calling East Austin Texas home, bartender Chris Marshall owner and Founder of Sans Bar that opened in 2017 (which let's face it, seems like eons ago). He has not stopped at that already impressive feat. Sans Bar is an open road concept bar that tours the country! #sansbarnationaltour is the hashtag to follow if you are interested. The coolness of this, you can experience this world without leaving yours, test it out, see if you like it. This clearly a personal mission for Chris, and we can't help but be excited to see where things go in 2022. With 13K followers and growing, we know we want to be on that train.

2) The head cheerleader goes to @Zeroproofnation, Arlington VA

@zeroproofnation started it for us. That is, Laura opened our eyes to the other wonderful makers and influencers in this space. Laura is @boozefreeindc and also @wearesober and really pulled together a beautiful Instagram page that takes every last bit of energy not to read every post. She has interviewed and thus curated hundreds of posts made up of the people that make this movement so interesting. Her website is full of resources too. We love Laura's enthusiasm and clear headed understanding that education is key for this to work. And she keeps it fund, with Soberoke during covid and other ideas to keep the community talking. She just keeps sharing, and we love her for it! Support Laura and her ambitions on Patron.

3) for breaking ground on the brick and morter storefront, Houston TX

It takes big ideas to change things up. That is why we are calling out Danny Frounfelkner in Houston for his ambitions to open not 1 but many stores across the open land of Texas. (Seems to be a theme here....) We applaud this, but we also love Danny's IG. It is clean, beautiful, and makes us thirsty for more.

4) @weareraisingthebar makes the dry drink kits that you want to give, and take. Boston, MA

Abbie Romanul @weareraisngthebar started a gift box service that you may want to keep for yourself! Let's face it, making any drink that looks enticing takes a bit of practice. Annie takes that fear away and provides you with a kit that gives you directions, and inspiration, to make a drink that even your uncle may ask for next time he visits. Her drink photos are beautiful. So we suggest following her just for the visuals alone! Seeing the likes of her posts from many authentic bartenders and IG influencers shows you the power of the picture. I have no doubt Abbie has inspired many pros to make these drinks for customers too.

5) @juliabainbridge...the writer. New York, NY

Julia writes, Julia Blogs, Julia Podcasts....and he focus is alcohol free drinking. But it isn't so much a focus as it is an obsession with good flavor in a world that some don't believe that can exist. Julia seems to be out to prove the non-believers wrong. That is why we love her, and why she earned a Food and Wine magazine's 2021 "Game Changer" award this year. Check out her amazing book, Good Drinks.

And read her initial published blog about giving up alcohol here.

6) @juliamomose, the early stage adopter, and thought leader bartender, Chicago IL

Julia Momose of Bar Kumiko in Chicago Il is as solid of a bartender as you will see. She is hired for events, takes cocktails to new levels, and is well known in Chicago for elegant presentations at Bar Kumiko and at Oriole prior to Kumiko. He reputation for non-alcoholic cocktailing though started many years ago. She was playing with infused syrups, flavors, teas well before anyone even considered it. Her #spiritfree cocktails, the hashtag she started, are always as thoughtful as any cocktail she can make you. She makes you feel special, no matter what you choose to drink. That is Julia 100%.

7) @onthemocks for making this personal journey one we can share

Christine Wayne is in this because she lives it. After years in the hospitality industry, Christine chose to stop cold turkey. Her last drink was a bad Chardonnay out of a plastic cup. She chose this for health reasons and to turn a new leaf, and we can say it was a great move! Christine is now an inspirational force - sharing brands as well as tips and tricks to stay sober. or stay curious. Her facebook community is rich with stories and a safe space to share. But even more clever, she has a "build your bar" concept that even reaches into Amazon - with #onthemocks page dedicated for finding the bar kit needs no matter.

8) @ritualzeroproof for alcohol free drink bases that taste great, Chicago IL

Started in Chicago, our former home too, Ritual is a fantastic find. We love the Tequlia blend that keeps things spicy and hot. Mixed with @topnotetonic grapefruit, it is sublime. But they have loads of suggested drinks. And they don't split hairs This is about the ritual of making something you like, but moderating your alcohol.

9) @brightlifebeverages taking the vibe of the beach and keeping it cool. Laguna Beach, CA

A sweet shop in Laguna Beach, this is a place that feels like you are in a hip bottle shop, bit all booze free make the exploration easy and breezy.

10) @nanobar

An alcohol free bar to go? Yeah, that is the concept here. It takes the tech guys in San Francisco to come up with this, but in essence, this is a way to incorporate AF drinking at any event! They provide the on-demand bar, and the alcohol free beverages inside. How easy is that?

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  • Thanks for this insightful list! It’s inspiring to see these influencers and businesses paving the way for alcohol-free living. At, we’re proud to offer a range of non-alcoholic options for those looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Check out our collection and join the movement towards mindful drinking.

    Josef Demangeat

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