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At Top Note Tonics, we know the true source of flavor comes from nature. Using only all natural ingredients, that are GMO and Gluten Free, we have created a remarkable flavor profile in our sparkling mixers that is balanced in sweet/sour/bitter but also enhanced with the key ‘top note’ aromas that make the cocktail sing.

Designed by a former craft brewer, are mixers are complex and a bit irreverent to an overly fussy cocktail. Well crafted, yet simple to use, our mixers are a favorite of craft spirits lovers everywhere.

Bitter Sources:


Found primarily in the French Alps, the Gentian Root from the Gentiana lutea plant has bitter agents similar to those found in hops. Gentian provides an earthy bitter flavor that provides a backbone of flavor. The naturally occurring poly-phenol compound provides the water extract a slightly yellow color. We use Gentian as one or two bitters in our Indian Tonic and Bitter Lemon, making these unique, palate cleansing and very pleasing as an aperitivo soft beverage.

Cinchona bark, also known as Peruvian bark, provides a natural source of quinine. Quinine is best known for providing the flavor associated with “tonic water”. Quinine provides a sharp lime like bitterness to our beverages. Enjoy this flavor in Classic Tonic (100% bittered with natural Quinine), Bitter Lemon and Indian Tonic water.


Top Note Tonics are created to provide complex flavor profiles. Citrus peels are one of the botanical ingredients used, with Grapefruit peel taking front and center top not in our sofi award winning Indian Tonic.

Lemon Peel and Juice:

Lemon peel provides a clean taste profile and a slight sharpness to our tonics. The zing of lemon peel provides a fresh aroma to our Bitter Lemon Tonic. California lemon juice (not from concentrate) is also used in the Bitter Lemon Tonic to make a refreshing alternative to lemonade.


The aromas provided by spices are secondary only to those provided by citrus. Spices provide a warm and inviting aroma to our mixers. We use pure botanical extracts that are GMO and Gluten free only.


Allspice is a dried unripe fruit that originates in warm climates. It was originally called allspice because its profile is similar to combining cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. This flavorful component is used in many international foods and liqueurs. This complex spice is used to increase the flavor depth of our tonics.

Ginger is a spice used in many food and drinks around the world. It produces an intensely hot aroma that pairs well with citrus botanicals. Like other spices, it is used carefully to add layers to the complex flavor without overtaking it.

Lemongrass: Lemongrass is a compound that has a floral and grassy aroma. Lemongrass provides a balanced aroma and flavor that is light and complex at the same time.

Juniper is a key ingredient used to flavor gin. Juniper provides a sharp clear flavor and provides a dry earthy component.

Wintergreen has a strong aromatic with a sweet, woody sensation. When used sparingly it provides a minty smell and flavor that adds considerable flavor depth.


Top Note Tonics uses several types of cane sugar for our mixers. Several variants of cane sugars are selected to provide a unique flavor profile while others are selected for their color qualities. US grown and GMO free pure cane sugar is our primary sweetener and we use no artificial or highly concentrated sweeteners.

Cane Sugar:
Natural cane sugar is produced from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. The pure sweetness provided by refined sugar is unrivaled.

Date Sugar:
We use date sugar to enhance the complex flavor profile of our ginger beer. It provides a slight amount of sour character too, that balances nicely in any Mule style cocktail, cane sugar based spirits like Rum and Cachaca, or the darker barrel aged spirits. we particularly like our ginger beer mixed with rye based vodkas.


Acids are the quintessential ingredient to provide a level of sour and balance to sweet beverages. Acid must be carefully added to provide the right balance to a beverage without creating an undesirable pucker and drying of the palate. We use citric acid and cream of tartar to create a softer more desirable acidity to our mixers.

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