Coffee Cocktails & Spirit-Frees

Chances are you’re at least familiar with Irish Coffee and maybe you even treat yourself to the occasional Espresso Martini (yum), but coffee might not be your first thought to add to your home cocktails. Thankfully, with the simultaneous booms of specialty coffee and cocktails, this once scarcely incorporated category of drinks has taken its rightful place in the spotlight. With a multitude of quality-focused recipes being served by some of the world’s finest baristas and bartenders, there are so many great drinks to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started.


Spiked Coffee Tonic

Can’t decide between coffee or a cocktail? Now you can have both! Any spirit will work fabulously in this bold and bubbly recipe.

Shoeless Josephine

Featuring coffee, cherry liqueur and Ginger Beer, our low-proof spin on the Shoeless Joe cocktail is nothing short of a home run!

Gentiana Coffee Tonic

Whisk yourself away to a modern European café with this spiked Coffee Tonic cocktail! Mix your favorite gin and coffee for a recipe that’s uniquely yours.

Paloma Negra

Quench your thirst with this refreshing coffee-spiked Paloma. We recommend substituting part or all of the tequila with mezcal for an extra smoky spin!

Coffee & Amaro Tonic

Our Indian Tonic Water is the perfect match for both coffee and amaro, so why not combine them into one deliciously low-proof cocktail? Customize the recipe by using your favorite coffee and amaro - so many combinations to try!


Pineapple Espresso & Tonic

We think the Espresso & Tonic is pretty much the coolest thing since the advent of the Frappuccino, and while the classic espresso + tonic is absolutely incredible, we love how easily riffable this recipe is! Here we add pineapple syrup and Bitter Lemon Tonic for a bracingly tropical treat.

Stormy Weather

In this spirit-free take on the classic Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail, espresso tags in for rum for a deep and spicy brew that’s sure to tickle your tropical itch.

Caffè Spritz

Give your coffee routine a European twist! This Espresso & Tonic variation combines two classic Italian libations - espresso and the Spritz cocktail. Perfect for summer sipping and fancy brunching.

Espresso Mule

Who says Mule mugs are reserved solely for vodka? Kick back with this simple, caffeinated twist on the classic!

Espresso & Tonic

Get back to basics with the classic E&T: the freshest, fizziest way to enjoy your favorite coffee!


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