Summer Cocktails

Whether you’re grilling in the backyard, lounging by the pool, or kicking back with your favorite summer rom-com, take the edge off with one of these refreshing seasonal libations! As always, Top Note reminds you to drink responsibly.



Fans of spritzes and dry martinis will love this bitter, earthy cocktail - and clocking in at an ultra low-proof, it’s just as perfect for leisurely afternoon happy hours as it is for long nights of partying.

Dolly Dolly

Equal parts smoky and tart, this refreshing cocktail tastes just as good while sitting around the campfire as it does when you're lounging on the beach.

Tequila & Tonic

A simple way to enjoy tequila without the calories of margarita.

Gin Rickey

This classic cocktail dates back to the turn of the 20th century. Enjoy on a hot hot day!


Pineapple Espresso & Tonic

We think the Espresso & Tonic is pretty much the coolest thing since the advent of the Frappuccino, and while the classic espresso + tonic is absolutely incredible, we love how easily riffable this recipe is! Here we add pineapple syrup and Bitter Lemon Tonic for a bracingly tropical treat.

Spirit-Free Cucumber Basil Smash

No booze necessary, this spirit-free recipe is sure to lift your spirits on a hot summer day.

Stormy Weather

In this spirit-free take on the classic Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail, espresso tags in for rum for a deep and spicy brew that’s sure to tickle your tropical itch.

The Cool, Collected One

Ahh, the perfect accompaniment to a lazy Sunday afternoon. Use whatever cold-pressed juice you have on hand or blend up your own.

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