Take Your G&T To The Next Level

The ubiquitous Gin & Tonic. It’s all about balance, flavor and simplicity. We love the original, but we love a creative riff just as much. With so many different kinds of gins on the market today (not to mention glassware, garnishes and fresh ingredients), it’s inspiring to see how this classic highball recipe has become the foundation for so many creative variations. As always, Top Note Tonic reminds you to please drink responsibly.

Infused Gin

Add depth of flavor by infusing gin with your favorite herbs, spices and more. At Wisconsin’s Maxwell Mansion, you’ll find a plethora of unique infusions like Evan Knutson’s Gin & Tonic, which features a house-infused sage gin.

Add Sweetener

The G&T takes well to the addition of sugar, especially when balanced out with a squeeze of citrus.

Simple syrup is - you guessed it - the simplest way to add sweetness to a cocktail, and tea is one of our favorite ways to infuse flavor into a simple syrup (bonus: if you use a teabag, the cleanup is a breeze). In Rachel Miller’s Gin & Tonic, she combines the sugar and citrus into an aromatic and versatile lemon cordial. If you’d rather let someone else do the syrup-making legwork for you, we recommend Royal Rose, an East-coast company that produces a wide range of classic and uniquely-flavored syrups perfect for cocktails.


With the rise in popularity for zero-proof drinking options, non-alcoholic spirits are becoming more ubiquitous. Seedlip’s Garden & Tonic exemplifies how drinking a spirit-free cocktail can be a special and delicious experience without the annoying next-day hangover.


In the wise words of Cognac-Ferrand president Alexandre Gabriel, “Only Spain knows how to make a Gin & Tonic." The constantly evolving history of the Gin & Tonic is certainly intriguing and the future surely has much more to offer, but one thing is for certain: Spain’s standard has raised the bar to new heights. There's no doubt that the Spanish have had a tremendous influence on this style of cocktail, and the Spanish G&T really puts a modern twist on what might otherwise be thought of as a lowly 1950s call drink. Served in a balloon wine glass, The Spanish G&T is all about the garnish. The possibilities are endless but the idea is to choose garnishes that complement both the gin and the tonic (which are also chosen to complement each other).

We recommend London Dry and other juniper-forward gins paired with quinine-forward tonic waters like Top Note Classic Tonic Water. These pairings are great with earthy garnishes like cucumber, fresh herbs, lemon, juniper berries and/or pink peppercorns. Add a dash of Angostura Bitters for a bit of spice and lovely pink hue.

American and other floral-forward gins take well to Top Note Indian Tonic Water. Fresh seasonal fruits and edible flowers make for ideal garnishes for this fun and lively pairing.

To learn more about the Spanish G&T, check out our interview with Barcelona-based bartender Silvia Dorninger.

Mix & match with a DIY G&T Bar Cart

Distillers across the globe are constantly upping the ante on unique and seasonally-inspired gins, and thankfully tonic-makers like Top Note have been following suit with high-quality, balanced mixers made to complement the world's finest gins. Why not throw a DIY G&T party to celebrate? Your friends and family will love showing off their creativity and best of all - this simple idea lets you enjoy the party without the need to play mixologist all day.

Gather up a few kinds of gin (or better yet: ask guests to bring their favorite bottle to share) - we suggest 4-6 different gins. Gin is such a versatile spirit so the options are plentiful. We like to supply a London Dry, an American-style botanical, and a unique infused gin like Hendrick's Midsummer Solstice or one of Great Lakes Distillery's Orchard Gins.

Offer at least the same number of tonic waters. Top Note's Ultimate Tonic Fan Box makes it easy with four bottles each of our full lineup of tonic waters including Classic, Indian, Bitter Lemon, and Limited Edition Gentiana.

Have fun out there! Enjoy the summer fade with friends and please drink responsibly. Find more gin-based cocktail recipes here. Cin Cin!

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