The Easiest Cocktail to Make? The Highball!

A highball or “tall drink" is based on a simple cocktail formula consisting of 3 parts sparkling mixer and 1 part spirit. The Gin and Tonic (often abbreviated to G&T), Vodka Tonic and Moscow Mule are classic highball cocktails you may be familiar with.

Top Note Sparkling Mixers can help make your at-home classic highball cocktails a simple yet refined experience. Get started with these easy two-ingredient recipes:

Gin & Tonic

The tried and true classic.

Robby Haynes’s Low-Proof Saffron Mule

With only ½-ounce of liqueur, this low-proof highball is “less of a cocktail and more of a flavor experience,” says Apologue Liqueurs co-founder Robby Haynes.

Rum & Tonic

Rum & Tonic may not be as well-known as some other classic highballs, but this underdog is surprisingly delicious and can be enjoyed in a multitude of combinations.

Citrus & Honey Vodka Club

This simple and bright riff on the classic Vodka Club is super refreshing in the summer heat.

Tequila & Tonic

A simple way to enjoy tequila without the calories of margarita.

Julia Momose’s Japanese Whisky Highball

“Yes, it’s two ingredients! But as long as you have high-quality ingredients, it can really be an outstanding drink that’s more than the sum of its parts,” says business owner and mixologist Julia Momose.

Vodka Tonic

Simple and delicious!

Ross Salchow’s Barrel Gin Highball

Simple is truly king in this Milwaukee-made highball recipe.

Pisco & Tonic

Pisco, a distilled grape brandy from South America, makes for an excellent match against the heat of summer in this simple recipe.

Irish Ale

In this Whiskey Ginger variation, Ginger Beer takes the place of Ginger Ale, providing a bigger, bolder drinking experience and just enough kick to keep us coming back for seconds (and thirds and…)

Seedlip's Garden & Tonic

Thanks to innovative companies like Seedlip, delicious zero-proof G&T's are finally within reach.

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