Three new trends in Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

At Top Note, Non-Alcoholic cocktails are a trend we have long been a part of. As cocktail makers seek to add novelty and newness to their menus, mixers are often looked upon as a key differentiator because when it comes to making NA cocktails, it is almost a given that a better quality mixer or spirit-free liquid will be involved. Gone are the Shirley Temple days. Now we have a new generation of cocktail enthusiasts striving for viscosity, flavor, and depth in the NA drink. 

Here are a few trends to try this January.

1. Incorporate coffee or tea

Top Note has been sold in multiple coffee houses since 2019, and we see the trend of cocktailing in coffee houses on the rise. The opposite is also true, where coffee is being used as an ingredient in higher end NA drinks. the mash-up is a marvel. Coffee brings acidity, and bitterness to a drink. Our favorite recipes are the classic E&T, a Matcha tea dream, and a Pineapple beauty,

2. Keeping the sugar low

Sugary drinks are on the rise with non-alcoholic imbibing. We noticed this in our NA tastings with multiple vendors. Better bartenders are lowering sugar but keeping flavor, by using tricks like Monkfruit. It can be incorporated as a means to add a flavor boost, sweetness, and no calories. Our mid-calorie soft drinks make perfect enhancements to drinks without all the sugar for this reason. Other tricks include lower sugar coconut water, or using a fruit juice that has been concentrated. Check out our Ginger Beer and Coconut Water recipe here.

3. Use a shrub or smash your own

Shrubs have a ton of flavor density and real viscosity that adds body. We love a shrub tonic, but sometimes a little goes a long way. Instead, a simple smash or crush of savory ingredients can do the trick with a well made tonic like Top Note.



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