Summer tonic water recipes - unique spins on classics

Follow any recipe on World Gin Day, June 13, and you'll see Tonic Water is the major component of cocktails featuring gin. That's why we obsessed over the quality of ours. Because if you're clever, you want every part of your drink to be excellent. And as bars and restaurants are welcomed back to the world, the world has changed. Tonic is the PERFECT mixer for quick, safe and fancy serves. All in one little bottle!

We hope you'll enjoy a Gin and Tonic this weekend. It's a delicious way to indulge. We might have one ourselves OR we may dip into our stash of recipes that feature Indian Tonic Water or our Classic Tonic Water.

Try these for a twist on a classic cocktail - No fuss, only discovery of flavor....


South America
In Collins glass
1.75 oz Pisco
4 oz Indian Tonic Water 
Lemon rind spritz and lemon wheel garnish

"Tri tone"
Cucumber 3 wheels
Bitters 2-4 dashes ango
Lemon rind spritz
Juniper a few berries optional
1.75 oz Gin
Build above in a balloon glass
4 oz Indian Tonic Water
Gentle stir

"Northern European Fruits"
2 oz Great Lakes Distillery Cranberry liquer or Koval Cran Gin Liquer
1 dropper Bittercube Bolivar bitters
Shaken w ice
Pour in rocks glass over ice
Top w
3 oz Indian Tonic Water

"Venetian Mask"
In Collins glass or wine glass
1.75 oz Amaro
3-4 oz Indian Tonic Water
Lemon wheel garnish


In Collins glass or large rocks glass
"Dilled up"
1/2 oz Vikre Aquivit or similar w some sweetness
1.75 oz gin
4 oz Classic Tonic Water 
1/4 oz lime juice
Dill salt on rim? and Celery Garnish

In pint glass
2 oz plantation Rum
1/2 oz Simple Syrup
1/4 oz Lime
5 oz Classic Tonic Water
Lime wedge garnish

Central America
In pint or large Collins glass
2 oz Tequila
1/4 oz lime
4-5 oz Classic Tonic Water
Lime wheel garnish

American Standard
In pint glass
2 oz Tito's
5 oz Classic Tonic Water

Pour costs roughly $1.70
Best price $8-$9/drink

$1.50-_$1.60 liquor and bitters
$0.20 tonic and garnish

3 gal Bib makes 2300 oz
Tonics are 0.04-0.05/oz

Want to learn more about Tonic Water? We've done the research! Ready to stock up? Find your source of Indian Tonic Water here



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