Top 5 Cocktail and Chocolate Pairings to try with a friend this Valentines Day

Cocktails and Chocolate Pairings

It is the end of the meal. No one is ready to go home, and let's face it, more wine? No way. How about instead a way to end the evening that satisfies, allows the social aspects to keep going, but also slow down, with cocktails and chocolate. Sounds weird, but it works. Why? Chocolate is the natural pick me up and good mood enhancer, it also has rich and bitter flavors that allow you to salivate a bit, and digest. Speaking of digestion, cocktails are more likely to hit that need with ginger, bitters, and citrus. So we collected our top 5 drinks for mashing it up with chocolate for after dinner. Bonus? These can be pretty low in alcohol, so they make a nice way to slow down before you clock out. Check out our pairings and recipes here;

1. Sherry Tonic

A Spanish daytime drink is also delicious post meal. Low in alcohol, one of the original "shim" style drinks, it pairs great with chocolate.

3 oz. Amontillado Sherry

2 Dashes Orange Bitters

4 oz CHILLED Top Note Classic Tonic Water

1 Lemon peel

Chocolate Pairing// Creme filled bon bon or a Mint Chocolate

2. White Port Tonic

This simple classic Portuguese apéritif is also great post dinner. No fancy bar tools necessary.

4 oz white port wine

.5 oz lemon juice

4 oz Top Note Indian Tonic 

Garnish: fresh citrus and herbs

Stir ingredients together with ice and garnish.

Chocolate Pairing // Dark 75% Cocoa or Chocolate covered orange slice


3. Vermouth Cassis

The Vermouth Cassis is a simple, elegant drink that saw an explosion of popularity in the 1930s. Looking back, you can find the Vermouth Cassis listed in countless American home cookbooks, drink guides, and bartending manuals from the 30s onward.


1.5 OZ of Dry Vermouth (We recommend Dolin Dry Vermouth) 

0.5 OZ of Creme De La Cassis (We recommend Lejay Creme de Cassis)

Top Note Tonic Club Soda To Taste / To Top

1 Lemon Twist

(Optional but highly recommended) Skewered Cherry Garnish

Chocolate Pairing //  Fruit filled bon bon or Chocolate covered strawberry

4. Rum and Cola 

Can you get anymore classic. A cheap drink if you choose to go that way. Instead pair this with Top Note Cascara Cola for a whole new experience. We like a rich barrel aged rum - a Dominican Rum for example.

1.5 oz High Quality Rum

4 oz Cascara Cola

Lime wedge

Chocolate Pairing // Vanilla Malt or Dark 85% Cocoa

5. Rum and Ginger

Another rum drink, but this one you can go more tropical with. A pineapple rum or a white rum. Make it Tiki and enjoy the heat!

1.5 oz Rum

4 oz Top Note Ginger Beer

Lime Wedge

Chocolate Pairing // Spiced Chocolate (hot or ginger), or Coconut bon bon



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