Whiskey Cocktails For Every Skill Level

What comes to mind when someone asks whether you like whiskey, or what your favorite style of whiskey is? Depending on where in the world you’re reading this from, your perception of what whiskey is or isn’t will likely be very different! You’ve probably heard of Irish, Scottish, Japanese, Canadian, and American, but you might be surprised to learn that there are unique whiskey’s and whisky’s being produced all over the world!

The flavor notes (and spelling) of whisk(e)y range from sweet and nutty to spiced and smoky, making it an exceptionally versatile spirit. While some days there’s nothing better than a glass of 16-year scotch, we’re never ones to turn down a well-crafted whisk(e)y cocktail.

Whether you’re just diving into the world of whisk(e)y or consider yourself a seasoned professional, we've got a whiskey cocktail recipe for you. As always, Top Note Tonic reminds you to please drink responsibly.


Cocktail Novice

Irish Ale

In this Whiskey Ginger variation, Ginger Beer takes the place of Ginger Ale, providing a bigger, bolder drinking experience and just enough kick to keep us coming back for seconds (and thirds and…)

Scotch & Soda

Tried and true and pretty much impossible to screw up. No need to break the bank on an ultra-aged single malt whisky here, as a good-quality blend will do you just fine. The true key to this classic recipe is in the Club Soda, so choose one that’ll complement your whisky instead of compete with or drown it out.

Japanese Whisky Highball

If you like Scotch & Soda, you’re going to love the Japanese Whisky Highball. Suntory produces a whisky blend called Toki that lends itself nicely to mixed drinks and is on the lower end of the price spectrum.


Casual Imbiber

Irish Mule

You might be familiar with the Moscow Mule, but have you ever had it Irish-style? Swapping in Irish whiskey for vodka, this is the next-level cocktail for Whiskey Ginger fans.

John Collins

If you’re a fan of the Tom Collins, John is Tom’s barrel-aged brother, identical except that it uses bourbon in place of gin, making it an ideal cocktail for whiskey lovers looking for a refreshing treat. Don’t forget the maraschino cherries!


Tonic may not be the first mixer you think of pairing with bourbon, but they work surprisingly well together when a splash of lemon.

Grapefruit Wisco Old Fashioned

Taking a cue from the regional classic Wisconsin Old Fashioned, this variation swaps out the more traditional lemon-lime soda for Grapefruit Soda, which adds a refreshingly sweet-tart finish while cutting the sugariness in half.


Fearless Connoisseur

Dante’s Peak

Scotch, Campari, cherry and citrus combine for a flavor combination that hits somewhere between an Old Fashioned and Boulevardier.

Backsliding Presbytarian

For those in the mood for a bit of a zinger, look no further than this bright and bold blend of bourbon, Campari, ginger and citrus.

Glasgow Mule

We love a Mule! This one tips the traditional recipe on its side for a Mule like you’ve never tasted before.

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