Non-Alcoholic Mixers Made with a Mission to serve since 2017

6 reasons that make Top Note a must have for your "back bar"

With or without alcohol, Top Note Mixers stand out as the finish, polish, and poise in any drink. You can make your drink - your way - Here is why....

Amazing ingredients that make amazing flavors

Our highly unique flavor profiles are a result of careful curation by our founders to find the best botanical extracts, real juices, and bitters. By combining these, we make a flavor sensation in every bottle. This translates to easier cocktail making for you. Check our or Ingredients and our philosophy here.

Served in the finest establishments

What do Rick Bayless, Jaime Oliver, and bartender Julia Momose have in common? They are all amazed with Top Note. We have many Michelan star accounts choosing our brand over the imports, and for good reason, our products really stand out as the finest.

Less Sugar - Yet Balanced Drinks

We won't kill your drink with a ton of sugar. Restraint here makes for better cocktails and mocktails. Want more on our thoughts on sugar in cocktails? click here.

Sustainable and Ethical

We are small but mighty. Top Note has taken a pledge to build our award winning portfolio in the most ethical and sustainable manner possible. We work with domestic suppliers, build to reduce carbon footprint, and are the only premium tonic supplier to offer soda concentrates for bars. Learn more about our sustainability commitment.

Leaving out the bad stuff

We keep every drink we make clean. GMO free, Vegan & No Preservatives ever. It is part of our DNA that drinks should be pure, and the ingredients should sing. Read more here.

Drinks you will love, guaranteed

Our customer's enthusiam for their new found favorite drink made with Top Note is a wonderful thing to hear about. But if our mixers don't work for you, we are more than willing to provide a refund. We have confidence you will love your drinks - your way - with Top Note mixers.

Check out what the critics say....

Our newest flavors are coming to a bar near you

Did you know 37% of the carbon in the atmosphere is from the food supply chain?

Yes, that is a hard lump to swallow. So we wanted to do more. Top Note decided to launch 2 flavors this year, but we chose to keep these in the "greenest" packaging we have - our soda gun syrups. Our two most innovative flavors are only available (for now) behind the bar.....We can't wait for you to get some. Ask for us at your favorite watering hole! And read more about these amazing soft drinks here.

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