The Environmental Cost of Packaged Soft Drinks

This commentary explores the cost in carbon that a bar can save from the environment if they choose fountain syrups v...

Monkfruit adds a flavor boost but lowers calories - Who knew?

A green melon that grows on a vine, native to South East China, is also an amazing juice sweetener for mixers. Who wo...

Introducing Cascara Cola Exclusively for our Soda Gun Patrons

Introducing Cascara Cola by Mary Pellettieri   We are so thrilled to bring you our newest grand dame of mixers, T...

From Life Saving Origins to a Healthy, Low Carb Cocktail; The Skinny Gin and Tonic

From life saving origins to a slimming top tier drink of choice, the Gin and Tonic is a classic kingpin of cocktails.

The Vermouth Cassis

The Vermouth Cassis is a classic French cocktail with a history as surprising as it is delicious!

What Is Indian Tonic Water?

If you’re wondering what Indian tonic water is, then get ready for the thrilling history behind the world’s most impo...

Top Note Tonic's Commitment to Sustainability

At Top Note Tonic, we care about the ingredients that go into our Sparkling Mixers just as much as we care about how ...

FAQ: Top Note Ginger Beer

Learn about what makes Top Note's award-winning Ginger Beer so unique in this product FAQ.

How-To: Run A Sustainable Bar Program

Learn how to incorporate sustainable practices into your establishment’s bar program.

Coffee Shop Sustainability: A Q&A With Ryan Castelaz, Discourse

Hear from Ryan Castelaz about his sustainability efforts at Discourse.

How-To: Run A More Sustainable Coffee Shop

#sustainability is trending, but it’s clear that it’s more than just a trend: it’s become more crucial than ever befo...

Set Your Coffee Bar Apart With The Espresso & Tonic

The E&T is coffee's most refreshing trend. Find out how to brew up this Instagram-worthy drink in your café!
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