FAQ: Top Note Grapefruit Soda

Released in 2019, Top Note Grapefruit Soda has found its way into the hearts and pantries of customers and bartenders alike. What’s our secret? Read on!

Q: What makes an exceptional Grapefruit Soda (and what doesn’t)?

A: Because our Grapefruit Soda is designed both for drinking as a stand-in for sugary soft drinks and as a mixer in cocktails and spirit-free drinks, we had to make sure that our formula would translate to multiple uses. Here’s what we’ve learned:

First of all, Grapefruit Soda has got to taste like grapefruit! Maybe that seems like a given, but there are a surprising number of grapefruit sodas on the market today that contain very little grapefruit juice. Those that do are often masked with additional fruit juices or unpronounceable ingredients that lend an oddly medicinal flavor.

Secondly, a great Grapefruit Soda has just the right amount of sugar. Too much and it starts to border on syrupy, leaving that weird coating on the inside of your mouth. Too little and the sour bitterness of the soda will dry out your tongue. Somewhere in the middle lies the perfect balance: just enough sweetness to evoke that sweet sensation of peak-season grapefruit sprinkled with sugar.

Thirdly, the carbonation must be on point. A soda that’s too aggressively fizzy dulls your ability to discern any real flavors, while too few bubbles lets those beautiful sweet-tart flavors fall flat. Top Note prides ourselves on understanding and executing the best carbonation levels for each of our mixers.

Q: How is Top Note’s Grapefruit Soda different from other grapefruit sodas?

A: When we set out to develop a Grapefruit Soda to add to our lineup of sparkling mixers, no other brand on the market was producing the kind of soda we wanted to drink: sweet, tart and juicy, like a perfectly-ripe Ruby Red Grapefruit sprinkled with sugar.

During our research, we were struck by the number of low-quality grapefruit soft drinks on the market, most of which didn’t actually taste much like grapefruit. We knew we had an opportunity to create a Grapefruit Soda with quality ingredients and real grapefruit flavor unlike anything else available.

Top Note Grapefruit Soda is made with all-natural cane sugar to balance the tart, fresh citrus flavor of 15% real grapefruit juice and the highest-quality grapefruit peel extract around. Instead of tasting cloyingly sweet or overly sour, we developed our Grapefruit Soda to taste clean, balanced and delicious.

Q: How can I best enjoy Top Note Grapefruit Soda?

A: Top Note Grapefruit Soda is the perfect companion for tequila and mezcal and also makes for an ideal stand-in for commercial sour mixes and sugary soft drinks. Follow this link to check out our favorite cocktails and spirit-free recipes made with Grapefruit Soda.

For more information on Top Note Sparkling Mixers, head to our Industry Home Page, curated just for bars, restaurants, cafes and distributors.

Please reach out to us with any questions regarding our products, distributors near you or how to serve Top Note Sparkling Mixers in your bar. We’re your biggest fans! 

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