Agave Cocktails: Beyond The Margarita

Tequila and mezcal are the world’s best known agave spirits, both produced via the cultivation and distillation of the succulent agave plant indigenous to Mexico. While the margarita has become the most ubiquitous agave cocktail around the world, there are so many other exciting ways to experience these versatile spirits! As always, Top Note Tonic reminds you to please drink responsibly.


Mexico’s national cocktail is just as refreshing as the margarita (dare we say more so?) and actually easier to make (no shaking necessary)!


Robby Haynes’s Low-Proof Saffron Mule

Ever had a Mule with tequila? It sounds wild, but the sweet and savory spices in this simple recipe are the perfect match for the earthiness of tequila. Add an ounce or two to make this highball into a more standard-proof drink.

Tequila & Tonic

If you find yourself turned off by overly sweet or complicated tequila-based cocktails, try this simple low-calorie recipe. It’s as refreshing as it is unfussy.

Smoke & Spice Paloma

If you’re looking to add some sweet heat to your agave cocktail, this is the Paloma riff for you.


Mezcal is a bold spirit, with a unique smoky flavor that some may find overwhelming. This low-ABV Paloma riff featuring cold-pressed celery juice calls for just ¾ ounce, making for a balanced cocktail perfect for those just dipping their toes into the world of mezcal.

Dolly Dolly

The smokiness of mezcal shines in this ultra fresh-tasting cocktail that features fresh tangy cilantro and sweet-tart grapefruit juice.

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