Master the Moscow Mule with Top Note Ginger Beer

The Moscow Mule (and it’s many variations) is one of the simplest and most-ordered drinks around, so why not offer your guests a Mule to buck expectations?

What is a Moscow Mule?

The Moscow Mule is a classic cocktail consisting of vodka, lime juice and Ginger Beer. It’s often served in a copper mug, although a highball, rocks glass or even a beer stein are all acceptable vessels. The Mule is easily riffed on, typically via swapping vodka for a different base spirit like 

Why Should I Offer Mules on My Menu?

The Moscow Mule is a classic cocktail that many of your guests are already likely to be familiar with in some capacity. Perhaps they already enjoy similar drinks like the Dark & Stormy or Vodka Soda and are looking to branch out; or perhaps they’re just getting into cocktails and aren’t sure where to start; or maybe they’re a Mule Connoisseur and this is your chance to win them over. Whatever the case may be, adding Mules to your menu is a smart and efficient way to satisfy your customers and your profit margins.

What is the key to a successful Mule?

While a craft vodka will certainly elevate your Mule, the most important ingredient is the Ginger Beer, which is understandable considering it makes up the majority of the drink.

With gold medal wins from The Beverage Testing Institute and The Spirits Business Awards as well as the title of Most Unique Ginger Beer from, we’re confident in our assertion that Top Note Ginger Beer is one of the best Ginger Beers on the market today. Appealing to the masses yet discerning to even the most critical of palates, our Ginger Beer is sure to please your Mule-loving guests.

What makes Top Note Ginger Beer ideal for Mules?

Top Note Ginger Beer is made with date sugar and all-natural ginger and galangal roots, resulting in a mixer that’s as savory as it is spicy and with just enough sweetness to hold its own among rum, whiskey, a myriad of tropical-style drinks, and - of course - vodka.

While formulating our recipe for the perfect Ginger Beer, we found inspiration in dark-colored Jamaican Ginger Beers, leading us to experiment with California date sugar. This lends a Cola-like sweetness and the deep brown color we were looking for. While Top Note Ginger Beer is also formulated with natural cane sugar, the addition of lower-glycemic date sugar keeps the overall sugar content and sweetness levels lower than other Ginger Beers on the market today. Its dark color also makes it unique among other mixers and makes for a striking cocktail when mixed with dark spirits.

By using both ginger and galangal roots in Top Note Ginger Beer, we’ve given it a depth of flavor uncommon to many others. Galangal provides an earthy and almost grassy savoriness that marries beautifully in rich rum-based and tropical-style cocktails as much as it does in a Moscow Mule. Flavor complexity is our calling card and this Ginger Beer dials all the right numbers!

Two Formats Available

  • 3-gal bag-in-box: Ideal for fast service, consistent drinks, and reduced waste. 0.06¢/oz pour cost.

  • 24-pack bottles: Make two Mules per bottle with resealable bottle caps. ~0.15¢/oz pour cost.

For more information on Top Note Sparkling Mixers, head to our Industry Home Page, curated just for bars, restaurants, cafes and distributors.

Head to our Recipes Page for tons of classic cocktails, Top Note originals, and recipes by fantastic bartenders, distillers and brand ambassadors across the country. Find Ginger Beer-specific recipes here.

Please reach out to us with any questions regarding our products, distributors near you or how to serve Top Note Sparkling Mixers in your bar. We’re your biggest fans!

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