Set Your Coffee Bar Apart With The Espresso & Tonic

Move over Dalgona, the Espresso & Tonic (or E&T for short) is the coffee industry’s newest and most refreshing trend, and Top Note Tonic is here to help you brew up this delicious and Instagram-worthy drink at your cafe!

What is an Espresso & Tonic?

The Espresso & Tonic is a sparkling coffee drink composed of freshly brewed espresso and tonic water. Over the past 5 years, it’s been growing in popularity as a simple and refreshing specialty drink, popping up at cafes around the world.

Why Should I Offer an Espresso & Tonic on my menu?

Coffee trends are constantly evolving and more than ever before, your customers are looking to try something new. The E&T is an easy and cost-effective specialty drink that your customers will love. Because it has just three ingredients (including ice), your baristas can prepare it quickly and efficiently during busy summer afternoons, and customers will love to watch the espresso in this deceptively simple drink simultaneously foam up to the top and swirl elegantly to the bottom of their glass.

What is the key to a successful Espresso & Tonic?

Because the E&T is so simple, you’ll want to make sure that your coffee and tonic water complement each other. Your coffee is delicious, so why ruin it with tonic water of inferior quality?

For a classic Espresso & Tonic, fill an ice-filled glass (we recommend a 12oz or 16oz) ¾ of the way with Top Note Indian Tonic. Slowly pour a freshly-pulled double shot of espresso over the tonic water and garnish with fresh or dehydrated citrus (lime, grapefruit, lemon or grapefruit are all great) if desired.

Alternatively, cold brew concentrate can be used in place of espresso for a refreshing drink that reads more like a coffee soda. We recommend equal parts cold brew concentrate and Top Note Indian Tonic Water.

Coffee and tonic water are both strong flavors, so this drink will appeal primarily to espresso purists and iced coffee fans. However, for customers who like their iced coffee and espresso drinks on the sweeter side, the E&T takes brilliantly to the addition of sweetener. Fruity syrups like pineapple, coconut and cherry are especially delicious, but flavors like vanilla, hazelnut and dark chocolate are tasty, as well.

What makes Top Note Indian Tonic Water ideal for Espresso & Tonics?

Top Note Tonic is a small, woman-owned Sparkling Mixers company based proudly in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our products are made with natural, GMO- and gluten-free botanicals, sweetened minimally with cane sugar, and made to elevate drinks ranging from Moscow Mules to Espresso & Tonics. We believe in the power of connection and community and love to see small cafes pairing our mixers with incredible coffees and teas across the Midwest and beyond.

Our Sofi Award-winning Indian Tonic Water features unique top notes of grapefruit zest and kaffir lime, making it the perfect pairing for a variety of premium single origin coffees and coffee blends. Delicate African coffees sing alongside Indian Tonic’s aromatic honeysuckle notes, while the Tonic’s earthy bitter and citrus notes highlight the zestiness of Latin American coffees and deep, smoky flavors of dark roasts.


What other cafe drinks can I make with Top Note Sparkling Mixers?

Top Note’s lineup of Sparkling Mixers pair beautifully a number of non-alcoholic coffee and tea-based recipes perfect for cafe service.

Coffee & Espresso:

Caffè Spritz

Pineapple Espresso & Tonic

Espresso Mule

Stormy Weather

Tea & Other:

Matcha Tonic

Sparkling Butterfly Pea Lemonade

Spirit-Free Ginger-Apple Mule

Bitter Arnie

For more information on Top Note Sparkling Mixers, head to our Industry Home Page, curated just for bars, restaurants, cafes and distributors.

Please reach out to us with any questions regarding our products, distributors near you or how to serve Top Note Sparkling Mixers in your cafe. We’re your biggest fans!

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