Spring Cocktails & Mocktails

Celebrate springtime with fresh drink recipes! We’ve got something for everyone, from cocktails to mocktails and simple classics to unexpected new favorites. As always, Top Note Tonic reminds you to please drink responsibly.

Spring Cocktails

Pictured: Cel-Out

Love Bug

Combining deep spices with delicate florals, this spritz is the perfect cocktail to transition into warmer-weather flavors.

Spanish G&T

What sets the Spanish Gin & Tonic apart from the G&T’s found around most of the rest of the world is the garnishes, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the season’s produce than with a cocktail. Think fresh herbs, microgreens, rhubarb, and more!


Do you like to drink your vegetables? If so, this is the cocktail recipe for you! Full of fresh, verdant flavors and a touch of smoky mezcal, this is the margarita riff you’ve been waiting for.


A mix of sweet, tart and savory, you’ll want to keep this classic 3-ingredient cocktail recipe up your sleeve for wowing your guests in a pinch.

Spring Mocktails

Pictured: Spiced Orange Spritz

Matcha Tonic

The earthy flavor of matcha tastes just right this time of year, and one of our favorite ways to consume it is with tonic! The bitter flavors mix together in harmony, while the added sweetness and citrus bring everything together for a refreshing, caffeinated alternative to that second cup of coffee or afternoon energy drink.

Sparkling Butterfly Pea Lemonade

Butterfly pea flowers have been such an exciting addition to the world of both cocktails and mocktails, lending their vibrant blue color and delicate earthy flavor to a wide range of recipes. The flowers are easily infused into just about anything, but we love keeping a batch of simple syrup on hand for recipes like this Sparkling Lemonade.

Spiced Orange Spritz

In this mimosa riff, Bitter Lemon Tonic stands in for sparkling wine and a blend of citrus and spice notes make this zero-proof recipe an ideal fit for family gatherings and Sober Sunday brunching.

Grapefruit Celery Press

Celery, grapefruit, and ginger combine in this healthy and refreshing recipe. Start your day off strong or mix up a glass as a healthy midday snack, this has got to be one of the most delicious ways to eat your veggies!

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