Zero-Proof Spritz Cocktails

So you want to join in on the Summer of Spritz but need to hold off on the booze? No problem! These bubbly alcohol-free recipes are perfect for all-day sipping and won’t leave you feeling sluggish the next day.

For our favorite low-proof recipes, check out our roundup of Spritz Cocktails here.

Gentiana Italiana

Gentiana is the first gentian-forward tonic water produced in the United States since the late 19th century. This uniquely bittersweet beverage is perfect for fans of classic Italian aperitivo sodas and those looking to treat themselves to a low-sugar spirit-free cocktail.

Caffè Spritz

Give your coffee routine a European twist! This Espresso & Tonic variation combines two classic Italian libations - espresso and the Spritz cocktail. Perfect for summer sipping and fancy brunching.

Maple Hibiscus Spritz

Made from vinegar, fruits and sugar, shrubs can be sipped on their own or used in a variety of recipes. Their bright acidity and complex sweetness are perfect for mixing into unique and exciting zero-proof drinks like this one, which features sweet-tart hibiscus tea ice cubes and bubbly Indian Tonic Water.

And The Beet Goes On

This earthy, refreshing and gorgeously-colored non-alcoholic spritz balances the earthy flavors of beets, cucumber and fennel with the sweet acidity of Sparkling Grapefruit Soda.

The Cool, Collected One

Ahh, the perfect accompaniment to a lazy Sunday afternoon. Use whatever cold-pressed juice you have on hand or blend up your own.

Brian Boyce's Zarletti N/A Spritz

Milwaukee’s Zarletti is serious about their zero-proof recipes, proving that this burgeoning category of drinks can be as innovative and complex as anything else on their menu. This unique recipe combines first press wine grape juice, non-alcoholic sparkling wine and Gentiana Tonic Water for an elegant and refreshing drink.

Spiced Orange Spritz

Make this mimosa riff at your next brunch gathering for a zero-proof companion to clear minds and clean plates.

Spirit-Free Spritz Italiano

Fans of Italian Spritzers and Negronis will love this simple zero-proof version.

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