More Than A Spritz: Sparkling Wine & Champagne Cocktails

Top Note breaks down the essential elements to making great sparkling cocktails with wine and champagne.

Holiday Gift Guide

You don’t need a big budget to find quality gifts this holiday season - even for the cocktail connoisseur with expens...

Fall Cocktails

Fall is officially upon us! Here's what to drink to best take advantage of the bounty of seasonal flavors.

Cocktail Classes Now Available, Free with Subscriptions!

Details on the Ice and Alchemy Virtual cocktail classes we give away as part of subscription purchase.

What's Up With Hard Seltzer?

Over the last two years, hard seltzer has found its way onto store shelves, bar and restaurant menus and even tap roo...

The Spanish G&T: A Q&A With Silvia Dorninger, Crepes Al Born

 We talked to Silvia Dorninger, a bartender at the famed Crepes Al Born, one of the most popular nightlife bars in Ba...

Eureka Moments

It was early in Top Note's history: Noah and I were still perfecting the herbal cocktail syrups that would eventually...

Tonic Cocktails From Around The World

Tonic water is a common cocktail mixer in bars and restaurants around the world and for good reason. This bubbly beve...

Top Note Ingredients

At Top Note Tonic, we recognize that the truest source of flavor comes from nature. That's why we use only all-natura...

The Skinny On The Sweet: All About Sugar

Imagine: You're at your favorite bar. You order a cocktail off the menu, you hear the bartender shake and watch them ...
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