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Valentine's Day Cocktails

Show your Valentine how much you care with a homemade cocktail! Check out this list of some of our favorites, and don't miss our Valentine's Day Gift Guide. As always, Top Note Tonic reminds you to please drink responsibly.

Love Bug

Alchermes is one of our favorite liqueurs for its complex mix of deep spices and delicate florals. Served with a splash of citrus and soda, this is the cocktail to make for the mixologist who thinks they’ve tried it all. Note: Alchermes is admittedly a bit obscure. We're lucky to have a locally-made version from Heirloom Liqueurs, an offshoot of a little bitters brand you might've heard of called Bittercube! Be sure to ask your local stores to carry Heirloom's full lineup of liqueurs, and in the meantime you can find Heirloom Alchermes online at Wooden Cork.

And The Beet Goes On

Roasted beets and grapefruit combine for a refreshingly unique recipe. Tip: give your drink a stunning natural hue by using red beets instead of golden! Omit the bitters to make this recipe zero-proof.

Sparkling Grapefruit Negroni

Add some sparkle to your negroni! Our riff lengthens out the bittersweet profile of this classic Italian sipper without adding a ton of extra sugar.


Made with real ruby red grapefruit juice, our Sparkling Grapefruit plays especially well with tequila, lending its pale pink hue to this classic Mexican cocktail.

Maple Hibiscus Spritz

Made with maple-ginger shrub and vibrant hibiscus tea ice cubes, this earthy, fruity zero-proof recipe is a ray of sunshine in the midst of winter.


A lower-ABV version of the negroni perfect for daytime sipping and when you’re trying to stay awake past 8pm. Tip: our Club Soda No. 1 can be used in place of Bitter Lemon.

Grapefruit Mojito

Everybody loves a mojito, but have you tried it with grapefruit? Mint and grapefruit make for an unlikely but harmonious pairing (calling all Taurus + Pisces couples!).
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