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Wonderful Times

Wonderful Times

We might be celebrating the holidays a bit differently this year, but one thing we’re grateful for every year is holiday cocktails!

Last year we spotted a cocktail called "Wonderful Times" by Clay Kirkland of Wisecraft Mixology, featuring vodka infused with seasonal spices, tart cranberry juice, and our very own club soda. We've been waiting for the holiday season to come around again so we could make a version for ourselves and we love it so much that we just had to share. Here's to the social media movers, shakers and mixologists making this season a bit brighter!

Wonderful Times Recipe:

2 oz spiced vodka*

.5 oz orange liqueur

1.5 oz unsweetened cranberry juice

.5 oz lime juice

1 oz simple syrup

Top Note Club Soda No. 1, to top

Garnish: cranberries and rosemary

Shake all ingredients except Club Soda with ice, then strain into a glass filled with fresh ice. Top with Club Soda, stir, and garnish.

*Spiced Vodka: add 2 crushed cardamom pods and 2 tsp whole cloves to a jar and top with 8 oz vodka. Let steep for 2 days, then strain out the spices and enjoy.

Harvest Moon Punch

Harvest Moon Punch

Here in the Midwest as we round the corner into November and begin to settle into our cold-weather routines, we find ourselves turning to festive flavors like cranberry and ginger to take the chill out of our bones and the edge off of our days.

Harvest Moon Punch Recipe:

2 oz vodka

.5 oz cranberry liqueur

2 oz unsweetened cranberry juice

.5 oz lemon juice

2 oz Top Note Ginger Beer

Garnish: cranberries, fresh or dehydrated citrus (optional)

Stir ingredients together with ice and garnish if desired.



The Transfusion is a golf club staple, but even if you’ve never picked up a golf club, this recipe makes for a uniquely delicious way to transition into cold-weather cocktails. If you don’t happen to have Concord grapes on hand, red or black grapes can be substituted, and Concord grape juice can be found at most major grocers. For a spirit-free version, just leave out the vodka!

Transfusion Recipe:

2 oz vodka

.5 oz Ginger Beer reduction*

.5 oz lime juice

2 oz Top Note Club Soda No. 1

Concord grape juice ice cubes**

Garnish: fresh Concord grapes and crystallized ginger

Combine all ingredients except the Club Soda in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a rocks glass over Concord grape juice ice cubes. Top with club soda, stir, and garnish.

*Ginger Beer Reduction: Pour an 8.5 oz bottle of Top Note Ginger Beer into a small saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 15 minutes or until reduced by half. Remove from heat and let cool. Keep refrigerated.

**Concord Grape Juice Ice Cubes: Pour Concord grape juice into an ice cube tray and freeze for at least 8 hours.

Citrus & Honey Vodka Club

Citrus & Honey Vodka Club

This simple and bright riff on the classic Vodka Club is super refreshing in the summer heat.

Citrus & Honey Vodka Club

2 oz Great Lakes Distillery Rehorst Citrus & Honey Vodka

4 oz Top Note Club Soda No. 1

Squeeze of citrus, optional


Garnish: expressed lemon peel

Stir ingredients together in a highball glass with ice and garnish.

Pear-Infused Vodka & Tonic

Pear-Infused Vodka & Tonic

Try this fall twist on the classic Vodka & Tonic.

Pear-Infused Vodka & Tonic Recipe:

2 oz pear-infused vodka*

4 oz Top Note Classic Tonic Water

Garnish: chopped pears

*Pear-Infused Vodka: Chop 2 pears and place in a clean glass jar. Top with 16oz vodka, place in the refrigerator and let steep for 1 week. Strain well and keep refrigerated to prolong freshness.

Vodka Tonic

Vodka Tonic

Simple and delicious!

Vodka Tonic Recipe:

2 oz vodka

4 oz Top Note Classic Tonic Water

Garnish: wedge of fresh lime or lemon

Stir ingredients together in an ice-filled glass and garnish.

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