Espresso & Tonic

Espresso & Tonic

The freshest, fizziest way to enjoy your favorite coffee!

Espresso & Tonic Recipe:

2 oz freshly-brewed espresso or cold brew concentrate

6 oz Top Note Indian Tonic Water

Garnish: fresh citrus

Pour the Indian Tonic into an ice-filled glass, then slowly pour in the coffee. Garnish.

Sin & Tonic

Sin & Tonic

This spirit-free delight inspired by Milwaukee's Hotel Madrid is all about that #garnishgame.

Sin & Tonic Recipe:

2 oz grapefruit juice

1.5 oz simple syrup

4 oz Top Note Indian Tonic Water

Garnish: star anise, thinly sliced lime wheels, fresh Thai basil

Stir ingredients together in an ice-filled glass and garnish abundantly.

Lemon-Celery Spritz

Lemon-Celery Spritz

When life gives you lemonade, make a celery spritz!

Lemon-Celery Spritz Recipe:

2 oz cold-pressed celery juice (store bought or homemade)

2 oz lemonade (store bought or homemade)

3 oz Top Note Classic Tonic Water

Garnish: fresh herbs and citrus

Stir ingredients together in an ice-filled glass and garnish.

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